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Family Line sp.z o.o. is a family company based in Poland operating in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and soon in Germany, with the hope and purpose to one day reach across the Atlantic. The hygiene products we offer are of the highest quality at the lowest possible price on the international market. We provide our clients with the highest standard of communication and product delivery, as well as a satisfaction guarantee. Our company has 28 European patents to guarantee our customers a wide range of products with unique and original value. From shower creams and gels to dishwashing liquids and textile softeners, all with rare and exotic fragrances, 150ml bottles available on the European market. Thank you for visiting and we guarantee product satisfaction and quality.

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Family Line Sp z o.o.

Aleja K.E.N. 36 lok 112B
02-797 Warsaw

Office – familyline@family-line.eu
Export/Sale – arturw@family-line.eu
TEL. PL +48 507 332 214
TEL. SE +46 70 230 51 79